3 tricks that will awaken digestion within 15 minutes

1. Water & Lemon
Squeeze the whole lemon and drink in a glass of water. You can also consume this potion preventively and prevent any digestive disturbances.




2. Olive oil & lemon
Swallow the spoon of olive oil, if desired, drained with natural lemon juice. This home-based digestion cure is best consumed in the morning or several hours after meals.




Bicarbonate & Water Soda
Mix in a glass of water half a dozen baking soda biscuits. This food has been known to be a bad digestion for generations, but it is important to note that only aluminum-free baking soda can be used, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or in a health food store.

Note: This prescription is not recommended for those suffering from stomach ulcers.

These tips are welcome when the digestion is so slow that it needs “external” help as soon as possible. But in order not to turn on the red alarm light do not forget to include in the daily menu:

– water
– probiotics
– Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber (beans, carrots, broccoli, oranges …)
– Whole grains (barley, brown rice, oats …)

And do not forget to move, though it was just a ten-minute walk to the quay.

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