Home remedy for clearing lungs

Good work of the lungs leads to better health and mood, and their occasional cleaning is especially good for smokers, but also for others who inhale various impurities from the air Cleaning the lungs of toxins, as well as the whole body, is great because it helps to work properly, and then we feel better. […]

These are the most effective home remedies for flu (influenza)

As with all medications, it is also the case with influenza: vaccine is the most effective cure for the prevention of influenza. Medicines prescribed by the doctor help to relieve the symptoms of seasonal influenza immediately after the person gets sick. In most cases, homeopathic remedies are sufficient for the successful treatment of mild and […]

Reasons for neck pain

Stiffness and neck pain are very common problems that occur at all ages. They can be a consequence of muscle contraction, and make it more difficult to move and create an unpleasant feel! “Regular” neck stiffnessThe bolus is about muscle contraction, caused by a sudden movement, usually in the wrong position when sleeping or leaking. […]

Diabetes – Symptoms and causes

Diabetes mellitus is an illness in which blood glucose is elevated (blood sugar) and cells remain hungry for sugar. Because for some reason, glucose can not flow from the blood into the cells. These are two reasons: either there is not enough insulin to introduce glucose into the cell, or it has enough insulin, but […]