Use of hyaluronic acid fillers for the treatment of the aging face

If you are looking to rejuvenate the facial and neck skin, remove the wrinkles, but also restore the core and fullness of the lips, then the hyaluronic filters are an excellent choice. Hyaluron is a very popular anti aging procedure because it returns a youthful freshness to the lips, face and neck in a natural and safe way. And in addition, the procedure itself is very short – only about 15 minutes.

With age, the skin of the face and neck loses on elasticity, it becomes thin and dry, creates wrinkles, relaxes, and the lips become thinner. However, this process can be alleviated with the help of hyaluron! In addition, when the skin is treated with hyaluron, it is slower than the old one!

What is Hyaluron?Hyaluron (Hyaluronic Filters, Hyaluronic Acid) is a glycosaminoglycan – a natural substance already in the connective tissue of the skin and has multiple functions:
skin hydration (able to bind up to 500 water molecules),
maintenance of skin tones and
neutralizing extremely harmful free radicals.
By tying water, hyaluronic acid provides better tissue moisture.

However, as years pass, our skin loses its elasticity, its tonus and its hydration due to the resorption of hyaluronic acid, and wrinkles appear. That’s why hyaluronic filters are inserted under the skin to repair defects.

When is the use of hyaluron recommended?
This procedure is very popular because it is adequate for all ages! There are no limits in the use of hyaluronic filaments in years when they can be used.

It is optimal to start when the first fighters appear, regardless of age, because they are easier to correct while initiating and preventing their deepening.

Why the Pixel Technique?
The Pixel Cannula technique is a completely new technique that allows your skin to return to a youthful appearance without the risk of complications. After this treatment, there is no bruise!

In order to increase the safety of the hyaluron application (in order to prevent intravascular injection, which can happen when needles are used) world experts recommend the Pixel Cannula technique.

The general recommendation of the experts is that hyaluron is no longer injected into wrinkles but is used to compensate for lost volume with Pixel cannula in the zone of the underlying, middle part of the face or cheekbones, which gives the core facials, and also corrects wrinkles between the nose and the lips. With Pixel cannon technology, facial tightening and “hanging faces” and sub-lines can be achieved.

Adults of this treatment are:

better effect,
natural appearance and freshness of the skin and
It is recommended that the hyaluron procedure is repeated once a year.

Is Hyaluron Safe?

This is a very wanted antiaging procedure just because hyaluron is a natural substance.

Together with lasers, it is part of popular aesthetic procedures because of its effectiveness, because wrinkles can be corrected or removed in a very short time, and the effect is visible NOW.

This makes hyaluron an excellent alternative to aesthetic surgery, and the procedure with hyaluron is comfortable and effective.

Hyaluronic Filters – Experiences and Results
Treatment of the face and neck of the skin, as well as the lip with the hyaluron, gives excellent, long-term results.

How does hyaluron work?

The renewal of hyaluron prolongs the normal amount of water in the tissue for a long time, which after the application makes the skin:

elastic and
the skin gets volume and wrinkles are filled, and the face has a youthful freshness. In this way, the effect of a tired and refreshed face is achieved.

Hyaluron therefore provides an excellent anti aging procedure for wrinkle removal, facial contouring and rejuvenation of the neck.


What is achieved by hyaluron?

rejuvenation of the face and neck,
rejuvenation of the hand,
contouring of cheeks and cheeks,
Contouring and filling of lips,
refreshing the lip of the lips,
fights on the forehead and in the root of the nose are filled,
wrinkles around the eyes,
wrinkles around the lips,
fill the nasolabial furrows (lines that go from the base of the nose to the outer corner of the lips – the laughter of the laughing),
small scars are filled.

How long does the effect of hyaluron last?
The effect lasts from 12 to 18 months (depending on the type of skin and region being treated).

Filling your lips with hyaluron – enlarging lips, shaping and contouring
After treatment of the lips with hyaluronic filaments they are:

beautiful and
The result of filling the lips with hyaluronic filaments is immediately visible and improves after a day or two of the treatment, it lasts from 6 to 9 months at the beginning, and if the treatment is repeated after half a year, the effect is visible for more than 12 months.

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