These are the most effective home remedies for flu (influenza)

As with all medications, it is also the case with influenza: vaccine is the most effective cure for the prevention of influenza. Medicines prescribed by the doctor help to relieve the symptoms of seasonal influenza immediately after the person gets sick. In most cases, homeopathic remedies are sufficient for the successful treatment of mild and moderate symptoms of influenza.



Flu can make the body lose fluid quickly and dehydrate extremely quickly. That is why it is necessary to constantly consume as much fluid as possible, especially hot drinks that purify the airways: soups, juices, teas … It is necessary to remove beverages from caffeine because it belongs to diuretics. When it comes to red throat, herbal tea with honey can serve as a medicine.

It should not be overemphasized with “modern” strong teas, energy drinks or artificial juices, or with overly sweetening, as such teas can be more harmful to older people, especially chronic patients, than to use it.

Homemade chicken soup

For generations chicken soup is used as one of the best medicines for flu and colds. A study conducted in 2000 showed that chicken soup can help alleviate the symptoms of respiratory inflammation. We recommend chicken soup with the addition of vegetables: celery, carrot, parsley, pepper …

In the absence of domestic soups and soups from the bag, they help a lot, because they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins along with water, as well as elecrtolites.

The more rest and fresh air

Inhalation of moist and fresh air on the terrace or during a short walk helps to relieve throat and sore throat. Spend several minutes in several rooms.

Rest is one of the most remarkable treatments with which you greatly help your body recover as soon as possible and return to form. Relaxing, you do not spend energy on movement, but on the fight against influenza

Throat flushing

Throat flushing with salt water or warm chamomile tea helps with the release of thick mucus deposits that can accumulate in the area behind the throat, especially after a longer period spent in bed. In this way, viruses that “have not yet entered the body” are thrown out of the body and reduced the concentration of those in our body.

Caramelized milk

Caramelized soft is prepared by placing a spoon of sugar (preferably, yellow) in an empty coffee pot. Heat the pots until the sugar melts, so that the sugar is glowing, but it does not burn. When the sugar rinses, pour milk (about 1.5 dl) and cook until it is spilled.

This hot milk should be taken with a spoon, and when it cools a little, sip. Do not drink boiling milk so that the tongue and the thirst will not burn.

Caramelized milk overcomes mucous membranes of the throat, prevents irritation and cough, and also inhalates respiratory tract. This reduces coughing and purifies the airways, and enhances the body.

Brewed wine

Brewed wine in smaller quantities can be a good medicine against flu or colds.

Cooked wine is prepared similarly to caramelized milk. In a empty pot of coffee, a spoonful of sugar is poured, and when the sugar rinses, a red wine is poured. When the wine is sprinkled, a little more water is added, and then a little bit of pepper in a grain and a dry basil.

This beverage is used for infusion and inhalation of the respiratory organs. A deciliter is drank while the wine is moderately hot. One cup is recommended once a day.

We warn you not to overdo the amount of cooked wine (alcohol) during therapy and not to recommend alcoholic drinks to minors or older chronic patients.

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